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Student Voices

  Dr. Maureen Boost
  Principal Lecturer in the Department of Health Technology and
  Informatics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

I decided to study the Diploma in Epidemiology & Applied Statistics as I thought that an update in these areas would help my research with respect to planning of proposals, analysing data and writing up papers. After completion of the programme, I expanded my work into epidemiological studies of antibiotic resistance especially in the community. I continued my studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and completed the Master of Public Health Programme which expanded my interest in community health. I have since completed my doctorate which was a study of the epidemiology of Streptococcus pneumoniae in the community and have published several papers in the field of carriage and antibiotic resistance of organisms in the community.


  Dr. Kwok Chiu Chang
  Senior Medical Officer, Yaumatei Chest Clinic,
  Centre of Health Protection, Department of Health

If you are learning how to conduct observational studies or clinical trials, you may consider joining the postgraduate program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics offered by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I was struggling through a study when I joined the programme. After completing the Master of Science course, I published the study plus another one with my colleagues. I could not have done it without the indispensable skills and advice that I acquired from the program. Of course, you also need motivation, hard work, colleagues' support, and luck.


  Dr. William Foo
  Director, Radiotherapy & Oncology Centre
  Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Samples and population, statistics and its interpretation. These were what I learned 10 years ago and still find them immensely useful in reading medical literature. Equipped with the knowledge I was able to explore a whole new world of 'macro-medicine', especially in cancer epidemiology. These were indispensable tools in the past years in my work in serving as the Director of the Hong Kong Cancer Registry.


  Dr. Edward, Man Fuk Leung
  Consultant Geriatrician, United Christian Hospital
  President, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology & Hong Kong Continence Society

The course in epidemiology and applied statistics has enlightened me on the vast field of epidemiological study in health care. It is instrumental to much of my research work in health care and aged care since last 10 years including our health survey in Kwun Tong, epidemiology survey on continence care, studies related to long term care in older people. I would like to encourage health care providers to join the course.


  Mr. Kwok Fai Leung
  Department Manager, Occupational therapy, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  Chairman, Hong Kong Society for Quality of Life
  Board member, International Society for Quality of Life Research

Participating in the Postgraduate Programmes in Epidemiology & Biostatistics was a hard but enjoyable experience in studying with a group of health care professionals from a wide range of background. The programme facilitated much advancement to my academic and professional life. I prepared myself to enroll to the research based MPhil programme in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and subsequently went into the field of quality of life research. All these opportunities broadened my experiences and enriched my life. I encourage health care professionals consider taking these programmes so that you are more equipped to meet the challenges in your work and professional life.


  Mr. Raymond, Hiu Yeung Li
  Research Scientist, Health, Welfare and Food Bureau, HKSARG
  Part-time Lecturer, School of Public Health and Primary Care
  The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The first time I learned the terms, "epidemiology" and "biostatistics" was when I got trouble for analyzing the data for my MPhil programme in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This triggered me to get some training in this field. After I completed the diploma course, I found my real interest and I decided to shift my career to this new area. I think this course gave me a solid basis for doing a proper research and provided valuable knowledge to further study in other health research.


  Ms. Amanda, Mei Yee Tang
  Research Grants Management Specialist,
  Health, Welfare and Food Bureau, HKSARG

What I have learned from the Epidemiology & Biostatistics Programme is definitely an asset to my career path. The most valuable gain from the programme is having established long lasting connections to the experts in medical field. My former classmates and supervisors are now my working colleagues who are always helpful and willing to share new knowledge in health research.


  Dr. Wing Wa Yan
  Director and Consultant, Intensive Care Unit
  Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

My experience with the Master course can be described by two words, 'practical' and 'serious'. The course materials were very practical in a sense that they were relevant to my daily work. Besides covering the basic epidemiological concepts, they also emphasized on the application of these concepts in actual clinical papers. Various research methodologies were introduced through lectures, tutorial sessions and hands-on computer workshops. The teachers, tutors and coordinator were serious. All my classmates could experience their wholeheartedness to the course. Actually, I enjoyed this type of care after teaching others in my specialty for more than ten years. After successful completion of the course, it fulfilled my original objective of taking this course. I can apply evidence-based information to clinical management and conduct clinical research.


Dr. Jacqueline Yap
Associate Consultant, Anaesthesia & Operating Services
Alice Ho Miu Ling & North District Hospitals

This postgraduate program provided a solid theoretical and practical background in epidemiology & biostatistics. Through the expert teaching, guidance and advice provided by the lecturers and tutors, I gained the knowledge and practical skills in research and data analysis. More importantly, this knowledge can be applied to my daily clinical practice in medicine. Completion of the program imparted a sense of accomplishment, provided opportunities for the establishment of friendship with peers and experts with similar interest, and only served to pique my interest in epidemiology & biostatistics. I definitely recommend this program to those in the healthcare industry since the advancement gained is invaluable to one's personal and professional development.


Dr. Man Cheuk Yuen
Senior Medical Officer,
Accident and Emergency Department, Kwong Wah Hospital

Time passes like arrow. It is a long time since I graduated from the course. To me, it is a good and happy learning experience as I was taught by many renowned scholars. The course not only broadens my horizon on epidemiology and biostatistics, it also helps me in integrating clinical research findings into my daily practice. Therefore, I would like to recommend this course to medical profession who like to pursuit a career in research field as this course will provide you with a solid foundation for your future career.