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Elective Courses

  Course Title          Credit Units
  Global Child & Adolescent Health                   2
  Topics in Multivariate Analysis                   1.5
  ICH – GCP Standard of Clinical Research                   1
  Pharmaceutical Statistics Computing in SAS                   2
  Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics                   1
  Healthcare Organisation and Management                   3
  Healthy Settings                   2
  Infection Control in Health Control and Community Settings                   2
  Infection Surveillance and Infectious Disease Investigation                   3  
  Medical Sociology                 1.5
  Methods in Infection Disease Epidemiology                   2
  Nutrition for Public Health                   2
  Qualitative Research Methods                   1
  Reproductive Health                   2
  Topics in Infection & Microbiology                   2
  Women’s Health: Social Cultural Determinants and International Perspectives                   2
  • Some courses may not be offered yearly.
  • Some courses by international faculties may be provided as elective courses. 
  • Students are required to take any 3 credit units from the above courses.