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Course Timetable

Epidemiology & Biostatistics courses 2018/19 are NOW opened for application

Term I   : September – December 2018

Term II  : January – March 2019

Term III : April – June 2019

Course Code Module Unit Term
BIOS5001    Introduction to Biostatistics 3 I
BIOS5005    Clinical Trials 1.5 I
EPID5001    Introduction to Epidemiology 3 I
BIOS5002    Linear Models 2 II
BIOS5003    Categorical and Survival Data Analysis 3 II
BIOS5007    Pharmaceutical Statistics Computing in SAS 2 II
EPID5002    Epidemiological Study Designs 2 II
EPID6001    Apprasial of the Methods of Epidemiological Studies 2 II
BIOS5004    ICH – GCP Standard of Clinical Research 1 III
BIOS6001    Topics in Linear Models 2 III
BIOS6002    Topics in Multivariate Analysis 1.5 III
BIOS6005    Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics 1 III
EPID5003    Analysis of Epidemiological Data 3 III
EPID6002    Selected Topics in Epidemiology 1.5 III
EPID6004    Practice in Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 1.5 III