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Directors' Message

The Epidemiology and Biostatistics Programmes at the School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has been successfully offering for over 25 years. We strive to promote excellence in clinical, public health and translational research and in evidence-based medicine and provide great opportunities for students to be trained as effective leaders in research. 

Worldwide there has been an increasing interest and demand for training in these areas. In order to help both local and non-local students especially including those from mainland China to benefit from the Master Degree Programme, we have launched a one-year full-time Master degree programme in 2013.

The programme is jointly offered by the Division of Epidemiology and Division of Biostatistics, with support from Hong Kong Cochrane Branch and the CUHK Centre for Clinical Trials. The School has over 200 staff, with many having educational, working and/or teaching experiences in world prestigious academic institutions including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Peking, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA. 

Each year there are over 500 postgraduate students studying in the School. There are seminars in almost every week day in the School, which are open to all staff and students and can help students broaden their interests and knowledge well beyond their normal curriculum. There are also many elective courses students can choose from for their special interests in addition to the main curriculum. 

All the courses are primarily conducted in English. Many of our teaching staff and students come from different countries and different cultural backgrounds. Studying with us, you not only learn new knowledge but also make new friends. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the CUHK! 

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